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Commercial Plywood

     As a kind of standard plywood, commercial plywood provides a strong and inexpensive alternative to solid wood. Commercial plywood structural characteristics are: accurate thickness with both sides sanded, perfect surface hardness, wear-resistance, strong adhesive, high-strength. Commercial plywood is made of thin layers which are glued together, each ply is laid down with its grain running perpendicular to the one before it. Due to the cross laminated strength of commercial plywood, it resists impact and edge damage. It is stable and no distortion,  and it makes the strength of the sheet consistent across both directions.                                                                           
     China plywood manufacturers produce standard plywood by combining an odd number of thin layers of wood together to make a single panel. A key part of making strong plywood involves positioning a layer so that its grain runs at a right angle to the grain of any adjacent layer. Plywood made for exterior applications has a greater durability than plywood made exclusively for interior use, such as subflooring.
     Commercial plywood can also be used as a structural sheathing, providing a way to connect the studs and creating a nailing base for the siding material. and makes an excellent roof sheathing. Commercial plywood responds better to exposure to moisture, it has some swelling when wet, but it dries out faster and reverts to its original size.

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